Who we are

zzGassman Design Workshop is an interdisciplinary design collaborative established in 2008 by Bob and Shannon Gassman. Trained in a breadth of design skills and craft traditions, zzGassman offers the knowledge and ability to generate a diverse range of digital, physical, and conceptual products. The workshop operates as a live/work practice that comprehensively unites the act of design and the process of living.

What we think

For better or for worse, design has a profound impact on the lives of every living thing. From the buttons on our shirts, to the foods that we eat, to the road signs we pass by daily, design is everywhere and may be the single greatest factor that infuences the quality of our lives and our world. Unfortunately, much of our society is forced to live with shortcomings of products and ideas that have been poorly designed and inadequately scrutinized, such as unnavigable websites, illegible signs and instructions, and non-sustainable packaging and products. It does not have to be this way.

Good design makes a difference!

zzGassman is dedicated to good design. Through critical analysis, thoughtful decision-making, and
inventive production, we provide a crucial ingredient for improving our world. It is our personal goal to
make a positive contribution by providing meaningful design for everyday life.

What we do

• graphic design
• logo & brand identity
• print & publication designw
• webpage design & development
• interactive media

Additionally, we maintain a diverse education in art and design, and frequently work in the fields of product design, photography, architecture, interior design, and handcraft. We are always pursuing new challenges that allow us to cultivate impactful and encompassing solutions.

Working with us

Thank you for your interest in zzGassman Design Workshop.

A successful design project begins with and requires good communication. We encourage you to help keep this vital process active. Share your questions, ideas, and thoughts with us to initiate mutual progress.

-Bob & Shannon Gassman